Booth design fundamentals

The booth design market is characterized by the high quantity of different actors involved, making it is somewhat difficult to prepare a show or an event. As a result, the main challenge is usually to devise a design that will achieve your targets while meeting your budget constraints.

Galis is an exhibition booth conception and production agency, we are experts in booth design. Over the years, we developed an exhibition and arrangement strategy which optimizes your visibility. This will draw attention to your booth, persuade visitors to come to your booth and generate qualified contacts.

Our in-house production facilities allow us to respond to all of our client’s needs while supporting them during all the steps of their exhibition strategies. Our design office identifies your needs and conceives your tailor-made booth, our workshop produces it.

If you opt for a custom-made booth, not only will you attract your prospects, but every curious visitor walking around the show floor. Using design to create emotion, make an impression, ensure that people will remember you, are also parts of our mutual goal. Remember that a booth can be compared to a restaurant, the more crowded it is, the more people will come to it.


custom-built booth is a tool that is imagined, drawn, produced and installed only for the duration of a show, congress or event. It is an opportunity to meet while developing your activity. A booth is a short-lived space meant to be used for sales, exchanges, work and sharing of information. Its design needs to be a reflection of your image and its arrangement a representation of your work processes and values. We find ways to take the best advantage of the available space by identifying the visitors’ flows and strategic angles to maximize the visibility of your brand.

To meet your business strategic expectations, to answer your communication concerns, to highlight your products, your know-how or history, a custom-made booth is the best business tool to immerse the visitors into your company’s universe.


A custom-made booth allows you to reveal a product, company or service’s strategy and communication. It can also allow you to highlight your concept or project. A booth is an event architecture focusing on a strategic design where creativity is used to support your objectives.
Event architecture revolutionize the art of communication on public or professional shows.
It moves the visitors and attracts them to your space by sparking off emotions. Nothing is left to chance as each realization is a tailor-made piece produced with methods allowing the highest level of quality in order to exceed your visitors’ expectations.

A custom-made booth is an event in the event and you should no longer hesitate to request a design agency with in-house production facilities. With the rise of the digital era, custom-made booths entered a new dimension. Understanding and incorporating these new digital tools are some of the stakes of our in-house carpentry.
his digital/custom-made booth duo, if properly handled, can produce this “wow” effect that we are all looking for.

Galis always tries to implement as much technology as possible to its designs in order to improve comfort, create that “wow” effect and seduce technology lovers. It is however critical not to overdo it or else there is a good chance that the visitors will lose sight of the information you want to convey. They will have trouble recognize the different spaces and products on the booth, which will ultimately be counterproductive.