EXPO France 2025

Galis supports the France’s candidature for the World Fair 2025.

A World Fai ris a first invitation to share and to exchange about important stakes for the planet. It is the reason why the notion of hospitality appeared as a contemporary value which position the man at the heart of the project.

The french candidacy is livened by the will to remain faithful to the initial spirit of World Fairs, to respect the specifications of the BIE and to renew the concept to bring modernity into the evolution of the practices and the technologies with an ambition : discover an immersive, interactive and collaborative experiment.

Logo Exposition Universelle 2025

We have joined the club of companies engaged to support this accelerating project of development and innovations.

Présentation du projet Expo France-2025
Preview of the movie of the project’s introduction with the Minister of Culture and Communication Fleur Pellerin – Grand Rex Paris – 19/05/2015.
Présentation du modèle économique du projet Expo France-2025
Presentation of the economic model by the Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron – Ministery of the Economy and the Industrie Paris Bercy – 21/10/2015.
Présentation des orientations du projet Expo France-2025
Introduction of the mains orientations of the project with Claude Bartolone, the national president of the assembly – Hôtel de Lassay – 03/05/2016.