Equipe Galis Exhibitions Run

Global Exhibitions Day

The Global exhibition day is an international project bringing together 18 professional associations around the world who committed to this same initiative of UFI (The global association of the exhibition industry) which bring together all of the actors of fairs worldwide and the IAEE (International association of exhibitions and Events, our American equivalent/counterpart).

This exhibition aims to highlight medias exhibitions as business development tool for companies and territories.

UNIMEV, FG DESIGN and Green Event have organized the 1st edition of the Global Exhibition Day who took place at the Bourget on the 8th of june 2016 with their partners Leads, FFM2E, MIP, Eurydice and Kaspia Receptions.

All the member of the Lead and the market have participated to this run and Galis arrived at the first position on the 3km women.

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Global Exhibition Run 2017