Galis, concepteur de stand écologique

ISO 20121

Our commitment for the sustainable development

Carried by values of business’s ethics and the responsible innovation, Galis makes a commitment in an RSE approach. This commitment consists in applying a responsible management system, in setting up actions and meeting commitments towards a responsible and protective economy.

We have several aims :

  • • Operate continuous realistic systems of improvement in adequacy with our business and the specificities of the market.
  • • Offer an executive frame allowing to identify, to reduce and to eliminate the negative effects of the events on the redundancy, economic and environmental plan.
  • • Gather everyone around a joint representation which benefits all.
  • • Protect the market, its jobs and our know how.

A step by step approach with a continious improvements (Deming’s wheel – PDCA)

Démarche progressive selon le principe d'amélioration continue
Document based on the management process