Our agency is a member of the LEADS

Vocational association
which gather the most important
french booth design agencies

All the members have in common a perfect and proven control of all the part of the work in the complex universe of event, exhibition and booth design’s markets.
For an agency as Galis, joining the Leads is the recognition of quality in our activity.

For you : concerns and unpleasant suprises less, trust and performance moreover, the assurance to be able to count on a partner which is also able to answear exactly to all your expectations.


  • The booth is the heart of our activity

    We have the insurance to collaborate with professional for the sector which requires qualities of creation but also technical and logistic skills.

  • We have the expertise of the lounge’s environment

    Our creations respect the rules of organization and standards peculiar on every exhibitions and every show. We avoid you any inconvenience and additional cost.

  • Our collaborators have a high level of qualification

    Communication consultant, work on the image, the design, the materials, the construction, the transport… We take care of many fields for your comfort and the success of your projects.

  • We have an artistic studio “Design & 3D creation”

    Our projects are created by 3D simulations. The simulations are great tools to help you to see exactly the booth you will have.

  • We work all around the world

    You take advantage of the comfort anf the flexibility of an interlocutor who is able to follow you on your events abroad. Our network, thanks to the Leads, allows you to take advantage of a world large network. For you, it is an additional guarantee to obtain the best services, even on shows abroad.

A company which is member of the LEADS never rounds off angles when it is about the image of its clients.

If you want to know more about Leads, connect yourself on

LEADS-France – Association loi 1901