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It is our aim as designers and creators of gathering spaces to constantly reinvent ourselves. This can be achieved via the implementation of digital medias or via our ability to trigger different kind of architectural, emotional and technological responses. Our vision of the design of gathering spaces can be explained by our will to turn our client’s projects into business accelerators and brand converters.

Within the wider family of Design, the design of gathering spaces is at the crossroads between several trades. Our team is composed of multidisciplinary professionals working together to face architectural, design, strategic and marketing challenges. We use a series of management tools guaranteeing total control over every step of the clients’ projects.


GALIS imagines, creates and conceives brand strategies and spaces that connect business and design.

Our design strategies are clear answers to every question raised by our clients. Our cycle of reflection is not only limited to the aesthetics but is also 100% business oriented. This allows our designs to support our clients’ strategies.

Our world, economy and means of communication went through a radical change since the arrival of the digital and its mainstream development. Its mass use affected every industry as well as our daily lives.

This technology encourages us to constantly adapt our processes to best take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

As space design experts, our daily challenge is to guide our clients based on their profiles (brands, industries, institutions, …). Our process combining relevant designs and strategies accelerate their business, highlight their services and images.

A good design should serve the client’s positioning, business or service offer by making them more readable, emotional or attractive. In order to reinvent the concept of gathering in all its forms, we imagine and develop distinguishing and flexible strategies.

In this world where the digital becomes this overpowered tool used by every consumer and user to guide and motivate its choices and decisions, you may ask yourself the following question:

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Exhibition booths
Marketing suites

“Among all these communication conveyors, how do I differentiate myself and reach my targets?”
To which we respond:
“By implementing a global brand strategy and multichannel actions that combine convergence and flexibility”

portrait Patrick Granger

Patrick Granger :

Event strategies expert

portrait Bruno Synave

Bruno Synave :

Marketing strategies and brand communication expert