Clients testimonials


JDear Quentin,
I want to thank you and your team for all your supports during Incosmetics event. I’m very pleased to meet you and your team. Everything was very good and we had very efficient meetings in Paris. I hope to work again with our future events.
Kind regards,
H . A – EPS Fragrances


Albany Engineered Composites – Innovative Display & Design – Paris Air Show 2019:
We are an experienced exhibit house located in the US and we partnered with GALIS, for the first time, on a stand build for the Paris Air Show. Quentin Nicaud and the GALIS team helped us provide a trouble free experience to our client exhibiting overseas. Quentin eased our mind on all aspects of the project including the build, break down and assisting our client with shipping their products. The team new exactly how to realize our design plans and delivered it flawlessly. We are looking forward to our next project with GALIS.
Thanks again
T. S-M – Albany


Hello, I am back to my office and I wanted to thank you for the quality of our collaboration on the sandwich show. Thanks to Sebastien for the available of its team and fot the resumption of the equipements. Our booth was noticed and appreciated, it was the purpose we wanted and especially reached thanks to you ! Thank you for sending us the photo taken by your photographer, thanks again and see you soon on the SIRHA !


I am writing you this letter to thank each other of the work achieved during the realization of our Passman booth on the Equip’ hotel Show.
Thank you to the joiner’s workshop who made some miracles on our booth.
Thanks to Davy and Richard present every day during the assembly.
Thank to all the team who worked on our installation and who contributed to the booth: Julien, Damien and Thierry. Thanks to Delphine for her availability on the last-minute modifications, her kindness and listening. I take advantage of this letter to ask if we can have the same team on the next Equip’ hotel Show?


Dear Delphine, Thank you again for the excellent work of the last week.
The quality of our booth’s manufacturing the availability of your teams were appreciated. Next level: the application file for the SIMI 2015 will be sent to you in June.


Dear Karine, I wanted to make you a small return of the SFH congress to thank you and your team for the work realized Our booth ARIAD. We had very good returns and bright picture made a very nive impression even on our competitors.
We have, thanks to you and to your technical, graphic and professional skills, really to optimize our 12sqm. Fresh orange juices squeezed had a huge success. Thank you again for your reactivity and your availability on Wednesday! The objectives were completely filled! Can you send us the picture taken by your photographer so we can send it to my head manager? Thanks a lot and have a nice day! See you soon!


Dear Radia,
The booth was perfect, very bright and functional. We are delighted to have chosen to build the booth by your partner abroad knowing that two of the biggest laboratories which participated to the congress almost were not able to build their booth because of some blocking of their equipment to the customs. They received an exceptional authorization of assembly for their booth during the night preceding the opening!
As for your team, they stayed until the last details are settled and Mathieu returned the day of the opening to be sure that everything was ready!
I hope that we will work together again on next year!

COP 21

Dear Yves-Alain,
Thank you and your Galis for the realization of the beautiful booth.
I had very good feed back on our exhibition.
Work with you was a pleasure.

S.C [La Poste]

Ateliers d’art de France – Maison & Object

Since the exhibition I really wanted to thank you for your reactivity and your professionalism.
Because of that the event was a success.”
Best regards,

Engie INEO

Hello Patrick,
How are you? I guess that you are already working on new projects since your visit to Doha.
I really want to thank you for our booth.
Thank you for your professionalism and your patience too.
All the delegation was enjoy of our exhibition and the event was a success
Best regards,

Interson Protac

All my team and myself joins me to congratulate you and all yours collaborators about the work done on our booth.
It was an incredible success ! Moreover we gave your contact to a lot of people who were impress about the design.
This original booth was a bet and the result is so amazing.
PS : We also had the “Favorite Booth Price”
Congratulation again and again…
See you soon


Hello Dimitri,
Thank you for these beautiful photos!
It was a good exposition and the booth received good reviews.
For myself I am very satisfied with your work and with the booth. There are of course some details to be seen again (That I made a note for the next one), but the reactivity, the quality and the expected final were there.
We will be so happy to call you for the next amount in 2019!
Thank you again and good continuation !
Best regards,

International Paris Air Show

A big thank you to you Marysa!
Yes rested well.
One thank you to all the team it was a great vineyard 2017
N.M. [Air Liquide]

Innovista Sensors

Hello Fabienne,
Thank you for the photo! She is very different from those that I make with my own device (in spite of the quality).
Here are some comments that my colleagues left :
– Very Nice size, high quality, very good impression to the customers, a booth on the corner is great;
– TOP;
– Booth was amazing to look at, fantastic;
– Very pleasant both, very impressive and which got well the attention of the public;
– A wonderful booth.
Thank you !!!
Have a good day.


Hello girls,
I hope that you could get some rest ! Congratulation for your work and the work of the whole team for the Japan Expo !!!!!

Mode City Fair

Dear Gérald,
how are you?
First of all I want to thank you and your team for the beautiful booth design and the best support during the construction.
Best regards from the rainy Hamburg
J.S. [Lascana]

The BIEF at book fair of Frankfort

Dear Pauline,
I wanted to tell you that the stand had been very appreciated for his elegance, its beautiful colors and its comfort.
Thus, with delay, thank you to you for this total success.
Also by hoping that we can renew next year this experience.
Best regard,

Naturex on FIE fair

Thanks you Arnaud!
Another beautiful booth… congratulations to the teams who made the project!
Have a great day!